• I would like some help with my family's bedtime routine. Would you be available assist me around the 5pm-7pm period?
    Our goal is to help you by seeing you in your natural environment. If you would like assistance in the mornings or evenings we can arrange for after-hours service.
  • I follow an ‘attachment style' parenting. Does your approach suit our family?
    Absolutely! In our sessions we will discuss which strategies and techniques will best suit your family and situation.
  • How much do the consultations cost? How many sessions will I need with you?
    Fees will vary based on the type of services you choose, and based on these services we will be able to recommend a number of sessions to you. Because we have many different services and ways to access us, we ask that you email or call us for a comprehensive list of our fees and services. See How we work
  • How does Tiny Terrors differ from other services?
    Tiny Terrors has your family's best interests at heart, therefore we will work on whatever areas you need help with. It can be a simple chat about some ideas about routine, or more serious assistance with aggression. We are different because we are one of the few services that COME TO YOU! This enables us to show you what to do in the real situation.
  • Are your services only for parents?
    No, not at all. We provide services to anyone who is involved with caring for the child. This includes teachers, nannies, grandparents, and other caregivers.
  • Are your services covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance? We are registered providers with Medicare. Rebates are available for psychological treatment for eligible mental health conditions. Please see your GP to see if you meet criteria for a referral under the Medicare guidelines. We are also registered as health care providers with many of the major private health funds. You may be able to claim a portion of your fees depending on your health plan coverage. Please see Fees & Rebates section.
  • How do I know the strategies will help? What if you can't help my child's behavioural issues?
    We strongly believe that we don't ‘fix kids', rather we ‘train parents'. Our strategies and recommendations are scientifically proven and are backed by decades of clinical research. We will explain strategies to you in fine detail so you understand them and are comfortable with implementing things you have learned. In addition to this, we have an impressive list of happy parents who have shared their stories on our home page. We have yet to work with a family who we haven't helped in some way.