About Us

In-Home Parenting and Behaviour Support Service

Tiny Terrors is an in-home parenting and behaviour specialist agency. Our aim is to equip you with the tools and strategies you need in order to manage and encourage more positive behaviour and help improve everyday activities with your child.

At Tiny Terrors we will offer individually customised consultations and programs to suit your family and their needs. We realise that your child is unique and therefore adapt methods to best suit your family. By offering an in-home service we know that your children are more likely to respond positively to methods implemented in their comfort zone and in familiar surroundings.

Funda Yolal – Director, Principal Psychologist and Parenting Expert

Funda Yolal is the director at Tiny Terrors. She is a registered psychologist and has completed a Master of Health Science (Behavioural Science) at University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Sociology) at University of New South Wales. Funda has over 10 years of experience implementing programs for children and working with parents and caregivers on behaviour management, social skills, communication skills, academic skills and daily living skills. She has also worked with children and adults with special needs conditions including down syndrome, autism, intellectual disability, and cerebral palsy.

Funda has been involved with various methods, including but not limited to, Positive Behaviour Support and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), DIR/Floortime, Triple P Parenting, and 1,2,3 Magic. As an experienced psychologist, Funda draws on the best approach for each family and helps distressed parents get results. Funda has great interest in cultural awareness and has published two articles in the newspaper about culturally diverse children with special needs and effective therapies. As the mother of two beautiful girls, she understands how important a positive and loving environment is. It is our goal at Tiny Terrors to help you create this kind of environment in your home.

Aiping Ong - Educational Psychologist

Aiping is an Educational psychologist with over 15 years of experience in the field of disability and mental health, working primarily with young children and adolescents. She has a bachelor of science in psychology (Hons) from the university of New South Wales and a Master of Educational Psychology from Melbourne University.

Aiping has come from a background training in several therapy modes including positive behaviour support, TEACCH, Applied behaviour analysis, cognitive behaviour therapy and art and play therapy. She has a keen interest in working with individuals with Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, OCD, depression and anxiety and developmental disabilities.

Aiping has worked with a range of culturally diverse clients with a five year stint in Singapore and working within the CALD community in Sydney. She loves spending time with family and indulging in creative hobbies including cooking, writing and jewellery making.

Sibel Tenish - Registered Psychologist

Sibel Tenish is a Registered Psychologist with over ten years experience working with children with autism and related disorders. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Macquarie University, Master of Health Science (Behavioural Science) from the University of Sydney, and she has also completed a training internship in Precision Teaching at the acclaimed Morningside Teachers' Academy in Seattle, USA.

Before going on maternity leave, Sibel worked for many years with Australia's leading provider of early intervention services specialising in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). Her work involved supervising and implementing ABA programs for children as young as two, training parents and therapists with a focus on better behaviour management strategies, coordinating and overseeing academic remedial programs for school aged students, and liaising with professionals such as teachers, speech pathologists and occupational therapists. Sibel is passionate about the work she does with children and believes that consistency, patience and love are the keys to providing a fun learning environment and a happier home.

After spending some time at home caring for two young children of her own, Sibel has returned to work and will be joining our team at Tiny Terrors two days a week.

Celine Ronchietto - Intern Psychologist

Celine is a Swiss student who is finishing her Masters in clinical psychology and psychopathology and is currently on placement at Tiny Terrors. She has a bachelor of Psychology from Geneva and a Diploma in dolphin assisted therapy from Turkey. She has come from a background in personal teaching for children after school, special needs assitant in a child care center with disabilities, senior assistant in a medical and social placement, and in home help for elderly patients.

Celine is here during the sessions to learn more about the cognitive behavior approach with children. Celine is also our visual and resource queen and helps us provide personalised visuals for families. Celine is passionate about human beings, love spending time around the ocean, relaxing in peaceful places all around Sydney and spending time on her psychology blog when she is not working on her thesis.